NonSoloSpesa is a marketplace that puts in touch the offer of local producers from specific territories with who wants to rediscover the unique flavours of these products and the context that surrounds them. NonSoloSpesa aims to create a direct relationship of trust between who produces and who purchases. 

On NonSoloSpesa is the producers who sell directly. NonSoloSpesa allows the producers to display online their own products and it manages every aspect allowing them to bring the products home to the customers.  

NonSoloSpesa is a service available only to certain geographic areas (defined by postcode) and these areas are expanded gradually as the service grows. This allows to guarantee a quality service to who purchase and to maintain an attentive relationship with who produces and who sells.  

NonSoloSpesa is a Cluster of the SweetHive platform. This means that the aspects related to the managing of orders, payments and of the whole framework necessary to coordinate producers and clients is managed by a dedicated platform, allowing NonSoloSpesa to focus on its own service. Because of this, when registering the users are asked to created a SweetHive account.

SweetHive also manages all those aspects that allow NonSoloSpesa to grow optimising processes, people and technologies to guarantee a service that is always attentive to the customers' needs.


1.When you purchase on NonSoloSpesa you receive the communication with the shipping date 

The shipping dates are periodic, allowing the small producers to manage your requests so that products otherwise unavailable can land on your table. 

NonSoloSpesa allows those who have a weak voice but a great passion and care for what they produce to deal with what they can do best. It gives a voice to the producers by telling the territories to an audience who doesn’t know them, allowing them to sell their own productions and delivering them to the customers’ homes. At the same time, through experiences proposed on the same marketplace, it enables the clients to meet the producers face to face. 

2. When the order is delivered is very important that some will be there to get it
NonSoloSpesa is based on a logistic service designed to have an affordable cost to the final client, making possible this relationship between the producer and the final client. In addition, many of the products purchased are perishable and the producers who sell on NonSoloSpesa cannot afford the costs of the undelivered goods because of the small-scale business and the value of these goods. For this reason, it is important that on the agreed shipping date someone will be there to collect the goods. NonSoloSpesa will do everything to contact you but you should know that in case nobody will be there to collect the good the order will be lost, the amount will not be refunded and the content of the order will be given to charities.   3. If an item is not available at the moment of the order preparation, this will be cancelled from the order itself

The system employed by NonSoloSpesa intends to work with short supplies and little waste. This is why it could happen that a producer may not be able to deliver this item, for different reasons, such as the deterioration of a package during the delivery process between the producer and the assembly centre. The rule adopted is very easy, if during the preparation phase of your order one or more items should be missing, the order would still be processed and the amount for those items refunded to the same card used to purchase the order. Should there be a lot of items missing from the order, then this can be cancelled with the subsequent refund of the whole amount.  

4. NonSoloSpesa devotes part of the purchases to social initiatives  
NonSoloSpesa is an initiative with a strong social vocation. All the way, from its establishment as an e-commerce platform for household spending to its transformation into a Sweethive Cluster, it has decided to keep this mark. For this, part of the earnings is devoted to initiatives with a social aim. NonSoloSpesa displays these projects on its portal to make known the realities and the projects this money is allocated to. 

By knowing these simple rules, you can choose if to purchase or not on NonSoloSpesa.  We are certain that if you do choose to buy on NonSoloSpesa you will be satisfied. 

For any problem you will be able to contact the customer service: we will answer all your queries. 

The Cluster NonSoloSpesa is managged by Betania - Cooperativa Sociale ONLUS - Via Manzoni 56 - 20900 Monza - MB - P. IVA 03140200969

The SweetHive platfrom is managed by WEREA Srl - via Durando 39 - 20158, Milano - P.IVA 08833540969

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