To enrol in a course you need to access the description page where you will only have to click on the button ‘Enrol’ on the top right corner (on the desktop) or on the bottom one (on a tablet or mobile).  

You will be asked to confirm the session (the exact date of the course, often there are more sessions available) and the number of participants. If you have any discount codes or vouchers you will need to use them in this step. 

At this point you need to take the few following steps (among which the payment, if the course requires one). 

It is possible to pay in different ways (see the Payment Systems page) which may redirect you to the Payment System pages. At this point?

If the Coordinator requires it for the Course, you will be redirected on the form to fill out the additional information. Otherwise, or once the form is filled out, you will be direct to the MySweetHive page of

Here you will be able to manage the order and the participation activities for the in-class session (documents exchange, cooperation with the teacher or trainer). 

The Cooridnator will have to accept the registration request within 5 days. If he does not or should your request be rejected, any other amount would be refunded through an automated procedure. 

Can I change my mind?

Of course, but only until the Coordinator has not confirmed your Order request. You can manage every phase of your Order via this link, accessible also from the trolley icon which you can find on the menu on the top right part of the MySweetHive page. 

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